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Services & Pricing

We offer a range of services to suit your needs. You can hire us to handle your complete brand and marketing portfolio or to create bespoke assets for specific purposes. We are super flexible and can always find a solution to fit your needs. 

Services We Offer

product management

All products need to be managed from a business perspective. We take control from conception to delivery. Using data to drive actionable insights we create the roadmap for future enhancements 

digital presentations

So- We have a great product or service and some amazing material,"great products need great introductions. We help you to tell and show your story to keep your audience captivated. 

website and logo creation

Every product/service needs a digital home. We help build your web presence through your site, connecting your content to your communities to create a clear and compelling online location.

print materials

We design and create engaging offline  assets for you. We them layers them with augmented reality to connect online and offline seamlessly 

drone photo / videography

We create cinematic drone images and videos for your business. Using drones gives us and you the freedom to really explore and demonstrate from a new angle. 

coaching & consulting

We build a lifetime relationship to enable long term success, helping you navigate the noise on an ever changing digital landscape. 


Nothing is set in stone, We can create bespoke plans to suit your needs or you can simply select one of the preset plans. 

Basic Plan

up to 10 hours per week

up to 40 hours per month

Ideal for the ad-hoc asset creation or for those tasks that need to happen monthly and you need someone to lighten the load and take it off your hands. 



per month

Advanced Plan

up to 30 hours per week

up to 120 hours per month

Ideal for those tasks that are regular or campaign driven but needs more attention time. Assets or projects that have short lifecycle but occur often. Leave it to us to look after the tasks. 



per month

Custom Plan

GIG economy 

Suitable for Your Needs

Ideal for those unknowns or where we need to create a whole suite of assets, or for clients that want us to take care of their complete brand and marketing activities to completely lighten your load. 

Project by project agreement

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