Human Machine

Skilled teams that come together to work with you to create the best for your brand.

We have created a freelance fraternity to help deliver complete solutions to you. Giving us the ability to scale the team to meet your needs, so no project is too big or too small. We have also partnered with leading digital recruitment agencies that supply committed and dedicated resources when the need arises. 

This reduces our overheads and puts us in a great position to keep our costs low whilst we work with you to create and deliver what you need when you need it and how you need it. 

firefly creative is not your average agency, we have created an ecosystem of professional and creative individuals that bounce ideas off one another and utilise a mix of entrepreneurial thinking, industry know-how and creative forward-thinking to bring you a best in class service.

How We Work

We collaborate
We listen.
We ask questions. 
We talk, draw, write, and share. 
We innovate
We look at what's already done
We look at other solutions
We disrupt the status quo
We create
We sketch our ideas out
We create a prototype
We re-create and iterate. 

Who We Work With

Volt Europe
CPA Global
KSW Ikast
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Vibevej 3 Ikast 7430 Denmark

Exciting and fun

firefly really understood our brand and the story we were trying to convey.  They created some amazing assets layered with AR  so we can link our offline and online together. 

Truly inspirational exciting and a fun team to work with.



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