The superheroes that help

make it happen 

Design Goddess 

Michelle Noyle

Designer and all things graphic

I’ve worked as a graphic designer since 2004 and worked in 4 different continents since then. I’ve designed for both small and large agencies and in small and large cities.


My experiences, combined with an adaptability I have enhanced over the years, enables me to easily shift across a range of media formats in print and digital for all different types of clients. 


I love to travel, so combining design with a trip to the Blue Mountains or a hike in the Rockies is where I’m at. This means I’m happy working in millimetres in Europe or inches in Canada, just being in the Adobe Suite and creating great design is what makes me tick.


And I also LOVE chocolate! 

Retro Digital Geek 

Phil Brooks 

Founder - Creative Director and all things geek

I have been involved in Digital longer than I can remember. I have always been a bit geeky and interested in how things work.



Although I am very digital I still love the ceremony of playing old vinyl records and 80's cassettes. I draw, I paint and love to make things. I love red wine and black coffee and that's about as complex as I get. 



I love digital, I love the tactile stuff but really love immersive technologies and can talk the hind legs off a donkey about the greatness of VR, AR and MR. 



I will talk to anyone about creative digital and love to collaborate, sometimes with a good bottle of wine and my iPad pro. 


Starting up firefly was really the best thing ever, Now we can be truly innovative and experimental. We don't know all the answers, but I am great at lighting the 'creative and think different' fuze. 

Print Design Queen

Denise MacMillan

Collaborator and all things offline

'I like the smell of fresh ink on a printing press. I have a beloved manual film camera the same age as me and I take photos with it.


I draw pictures and try to keep my handwriting legible by scribbling occasional letters to my mum. I make LOTS of bread. Aside from appreciating tactile physical stuff, for me, it’s about connecting with people.


Collaborating with others – listening, asking questions, understanding need, drawing insight and ideas, and translating into a simple, beautiful, useful design.


I’ve worked for creative agencies in 3 countries, in printed, digital and interactive environments. I believe that in our visually-shouty, information-saturated world, we need good design and clear communications even more.'